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Mobile RV Academy is a company that was created to

Educate the RV Consumer and Professional.


Due to the increased demand for professional training in the RV industry, Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor, a RVDA/RVIA Master Certified RV Technician and Professional Instructor/Trainer has created testing and training modules for the RV Dealer and Service Center.

Since every RV Service Department is different, this professional RV training service is conducted live at your location and is based upon the specific needs of your personnel. Typically your technical staff are hands on learners and they struggle when they must acquire new skills from a manual or some vague video posted on the internet.

Mobile RV Academy is the only RV technical training organization that comes to your location to train and work alongside you and your staff. We believe in the adult based hybrid approach to learning. “Tell me….Show Me…Now Let Me Do It”.

We believe:

1.     Since every individual has a unique set of skills and technical knowledge we need to begin with a Skills Assessment Exam to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

2.     We design and develop a specialized program that builds on the foundational skills of the staff.

3.     The implementation of the on-site technical training is based upon classroom discussion and instruction followed with, in the shop, hands on demonstration of their new skills.

4.     Once your technical staff “owns” these new skills we document their progress with Certificates of Completion that they can proudly display.

If you are looking for Pre-Employment testing, RV Continuing Education, RV Technician Apprenticeship Training or just a few courses for your personnel to take them to the next level, contact the Texas RV Professor so we can discuss options to educate you and your staff

 For the RV Consumer, The Texas RV Professor has created the Take Home Technician Series of training materials to help the “do it yourselfer” develop the skills to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

We believe that 80% of the things that go wrong with an RV are Easy to Access and Easy to Fix…..if someone will just show us how. These are issues that folks have with their RV that they can handle themselves if someone will just show them how….and Mobile RV Academy has the tools to guide you.

The Professor has worked with operations like Workamper University, RVNN.tv and the DIY Network – Classic Rides where he has produced webinars, DVDs, books and other training materials for the RVer that is preparing to go full time and work on the road.

For Workampers wanting to develop their technical skills and provide Campgrounds with additional services the Professor has created the RV Maintenance Technician for Campground Program which is a 5 day intense classroom and hands on learning experience. This program is being offered across the United States at various locations for those that want to learn RV maintenance by doing it.


You can reach Mobile RV Academy at 254 709-3251 or LadyECooper@MobileRVAcademy.com





Are you one of those folks that gets satisfaction from helping others?

Are you looking to ENHANCE your Workamper skills so you can make MORE MONEY?

Are you looking for a way to make your Awesome Applicants Resume STAND APART from others?

Did you know that when a campground rents a spot, it is for a specific lot for a specific time? If the renter has problems with their RV during their stay, many times they need to leave and the campground LOSES the revenue for that lot rental.

Or even worse, a Workamper has to depart, leaving the rest of the staff to pick up the slack!

 YouTube Preview Image

We know that 80% of the problems that folks have with their RVs are things that are Easy to Access and Easy to Fix – all things that you as an RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds can do!

So many of the problems RVers have are simple things like a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, a valve that has been improperly closed or other more complicated issues. However, if you know how the system works and where to look for the problem, then you can help others.

As an RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds, you will have the ability to RESOLVE those issues that the campground guests can have. Why not put your skills and knowledge to work helping others and make money as a Workamper.

Great news!! You are at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!!

Workamper® University and the Texas RV Professor from Mobile RV Academy are offering a LIVE 5-DAY COURSE with hands-on training in Monument, Colorado on September 23-27th – where you can become an RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds.  See a recorded webinar on this topic here.

RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds Training consists of:

Five Days of Hands-On Training Sessions

DAY 1: RV Electrical Systems 

Understanding the 3 RV Electrical Systems with troubleshooting tips and short cuts.

DAY 2: Propane System

How the Propane System works and things you might encounter when you are called in to help.

DAY 3: Water Systems Sewer and Fresh Water

How they work and things that can cause problems.

DAY 4: The RV Appliances Air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces and refrigerators

How they work and the top 10 most common problems you will encounter with each one.

DAY 5: RV Exterior Systems 

Dealing with the most common slide out issues, awning problems and roof repairs.




resourceNoteBookBonus #1: RV Maintenance Technician Resource Notebook
Personal Notebook tabbed with the various RV systems, Troubleshooting charts, Tips, Tricks, Parts providers and Manufacturer resources.
4dvdBonus #2: Four RV Appliance Maintenance DVDS
This set of 4 RV Appliance Maintenance DVDS will teach you the down and dirty ways to perform maintenance on your RV water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, and furnace. ($119.80 value)
water-heater-booksBonus #3: The Atwood and Suburban Water Heater Repair manualsManuals that take you step by step on how to properly troubleshoot water heaters. Developed for the do-it-yourselfer, the home mechanic or the new technician, these repair manuals shows you how to diagnose and repair your water heater in one afternoon with no prior knowledge. ($79.90 value)
newsletterBonus #4: One year of the Professor’s RV Maintenance Tech NewsletterNewsletter sharing troubleshooting tips, manufacturer technical bulletins and product updates to help you stay on top of the changes taking place in the RV industry ($99 value).
examBonus #5: Skills competency Final ExamDemonstrate your RV skills and knowledge.
certificateBonus #6: Completion DiplomaCertificate of completion from the RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds program

 YouTube Preview Image  Graduating Class

Congrats to the first graduating class of the Texas RV Professor’s RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds course!  Here’s what a few graduates had to say:

“Hoping to take some of this knowledge, not only for my own sake in my own unit, but also as we go full-time here later this year.  It’s great having another skill-set that I can take out there to help other people, and of course, have a chance to make a buck too every once in a while. Really appreciate Terry’s in-depth knowledge and his ability to teach that to us and get that all across to us.” – Gary. S.

“It’s been a very valuable experience.  We’ve learned a lot of things; made a lot of discoveries about our rigs that even some of us that have been RVing for several years weren’t aware of.  And it’s reminded us of a lot of things that we should be doing that we aren’t doing – like checking batteries and servicing water heaters and what not. It’s been an excellent reminder of the things that we need to do to keep our systems operating.” – Steve L.
Get Signed Up Today

It all begins when you sign up for one of the limited number of seats in the 5-day RV Maintenance Technician for Campground course for $1,744.00

Don’t forget all your meals, lodging and course tuition for the RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds course can be deducted as skills training expenses on your taxes.

Get Registered Now for this LIVE 5-DAY COURSE with hands-on training. NEXT class will be in a great campground at

- Bushnell, Florida – February 24-28th, 2014

The Paradise Oaks Golf & RV Resort

- Hattisburg, Mississippi – March 3-7, 2014

Okatoma Resort & RV Park

- Concan, Texas (San Antonio area) March 17-21, 2014 

Parkview Riverside RV Park

- Canton, TX (Dallas area) March 24-28, 2014

Mill Creek Ranch Resort & RV Park

- Willis, TX (Houston area) March 31 – April 4, 2014 

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe RV Park

View this recorded webinar on RV Maintenance Tech for Campgrounds.

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