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Terry and Evada Cooper

Please contact the Texas RV Professor and/or Lady E using the form below.

Feel free to contact us here for booking information, scheduling training sessions or ask RV related questions.

The Texas RV Professor and Lady E


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  1. Bob Nau says:

    HIGHLY recommend this class for anyone either considering RV inspections as a business, or for those of us who simply want to know more about properly maintaining our RV. The cost of this class is more than offset by the savings achieved by empowering RV owners with the confidence to perform their own repairs, thus saving money and avoiding the frustrations related to service calls. I believe we all learn better by doing. The teaching style provides students with the necessary information BEFORE going out and working on our rigs thereby allowing students to apply the information to their own RV. I was (pleasantly) surprised not only by how much I learned, but more importantly how much I retained. For those students wishing to create a business this class also takes the time to provide the necessary information and guidance to help with this process as well.

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