Special WAFER Product Offer


All for $149.00


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  • The 4 Appliances Maintenance Video Set  Regular Price purchased separately – $99.00
    Air CoRV Appliance Video Wafer Graphic Frontnditioners – Coleman and Dometic; Furnaces – Atwood and Suburban;  Refrigerators – Norcold and Dometic ; Water Heaters – Atwood and Suburban

Get all you need to successfully service your RV appliances of your unit. These videos are showing you the ins and        outs – tips and tricks – to save you lots of cash on a service call.

  • PLUS – 2 Water Heater Books on USB WAFER  Regular Price purchased separately  – $59.90 (digital download) Now these books are offered on one USB WAFER in digital PDF format.

Water Heater Book Wafer Front Graphic

ATWOOD and SUBURBAN Water Heater Repair Book in PDF Versions 

These manuals are part of the Texas RV Professor’s ‘Take Home Technician Series” with complete details on how to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the Standing Pilot and Electronic Ignition (DSI) RV Water Heaters.  There are a                                                                must have manuals for that do-it-yourself kind of person.

Both, the 4 Appliance Videos and the 2 – Water Heater Manuals will come on TWO USB WAFERS which EACH are the size of a normal credit card. Insert into the normal USB port of any computer or supporting device for convenient, easy to use and store. Each WAFER will come to you inside a semi-clear magnetic closure case. The flip out USB port is located on the lower right side of the WAFER. (See photo below)

Below is the backside view of the USB WAFER:

Back side of the Water Heater WAFER