RV Inspections

RV Inspections

With many lending institutions requiring an RV inspections of used RVs, folks are turning to the The Professor's Mini Maintenance Day April 2012 (1)RV Inspections expert that will come in and perform a top to bottom inspection and provide documentation of the RV they are looking to purchase.

This course includes 2 hours of video training of what to look for in your RV Inspections and coaches you on how to approach banks, credit unions and other lenders to establish yourself as the go-to person when it comes to inspecting the RVs.

Included in this course are the 2 sets of detailed forms that are used to inspect Motor Home and 5th Wheel/Travel Trailers that guide you step-by-step to perform an in depth RV inspection.

Once you complete the RV Inspections, you then write-up the report for the potential buyer to use to negotiate the price and loan for their RV purchase.

In the RV Inspection course you will learn how to perform the necessary tests and inspections on the following systems of the RV:

o    Propane system leak & pressure testing

o    Testing and evaluating the 3 Electrical systems found in every RV

o    Plumbing systems – fresh water and waste water operation

o    Exterior inspection starting with the roof and work your way to the running gear

o    Slide outs, jacks and landing legs

o    Properly testing and inspecting all the appliances

o    Fire life and safety equipment

o    Motorized components like tires and suspension system, road testing of the rig, gauges and dash air conditioning operation, inspect the belts, fluid levels and hose conditions, exhaust system.

What if you are just looking to purchase the perfect RV?

Many buyers are taking the RV Inspections course and utilizing it to help them stay out of the emotional area so they can be methodical in the review of the RV that they are looking to purchase.

The completed RV Inspection forms along with photos that you take with your digital camera or smart phone give you the documented proof that will keep you from losing $1,000’s on your next RV purchase.

This information will give you the edge you need to sidestep those RV units that are a money pit, then zero-in on the one RV that is the best value for your money.

Regardless of your particular needs, learning to do RV Inspections is a great course that provides you with the tools to make the step by step assessment needed for the your next RV purchase or build a career as an RV Inspector.

Join the Professor as he shows you how to save yourself big $ by learning to do an RV Inspection!


To have the Professor provide live instruction for your group or organization please contact LadyECooper@MobileRVAcademy.com

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