Tool Box – What’s in Yours?

Tool Box – What’s in Yours?

We get plenty of emails just on folks needing to know … “What should I have in my RV Tool box?”  The truth is…. most of these tools are items you may already have. But, let’s go over some items you may have not thought of.  Also, if you are planning on coming to one of our Live  5 Day Training courses located through out the country….this list will contain a few items that we require you to bring to class.  So, let’s get started!

Tool Kit List:

Items 1 -4 will be the tools necessary for you to perform the basic testing of today’s RV.  We recommend having these for class so that you will learn how to utilize them.

  1. Digital Volt Ohm Meter with Amp Clamp Function

Students have had great success with the following brands and models. There are others available but just be aware you need to following features to maximize your learning process.

Your meter must read:

  • AC and DC volts to measure the wall outlet voltage and battery voltage
  • AC amperage (DC amperage if available is a nice upgrade option)
  • Ohms (Ω) for checking resistance and continuity
  • uF or MFD for checking air conditioner capacitors
  • Frequency for checking the generator output

Examples of the meter you need in class

  1. Dial Type Manometer/Gas Pressure Tester – Reads 0 – 35 inches of water column. *It is recommended you NOT purchase the digital type of manometer as they DO NOT come with the necessary tubing and fittings.

Example of Manometers that work well with RVs.

3. Polarity Tester – w GFCI test button – Unit plugs into wall receptacle and has 2 amber and 1 red test light to test wiring. There are multiple brands of this type of tester.

Screw Driver w/ multiple tips and barrels *there are several types and brands that will do the job.


The remaining tools are ones that a typical RV Campground Maintenance Technician, a Level # 2 RV Inspector or a Dealer Technician would need to have in their toolbox.

Voltage Monitor Meter – digital type

  1. Needle Nose Pliers – 6 to 10 inches long
  2. Diagonal Wire Cutters – 5 to 10 inches long
  3. Flashlight
  4. Wire Strippers /Crimping Tool for wire connections
  5. Adjustable Wrench (also known as Crescent wrench
  6. Adjustable Pliers (also known as water pump pliers)
  7. Allen Wrench Sets – Standard and Metric
  8. Assorted Screw Drivers – Phillips and Flat Blade
  9. Nut Drivers – Assorted size (suggest at least ¼ inch, 5/16 inch 3/8 inch)
  10. Food Grade Thermometer (dial or digital type) to measure air conditioner air temperature
  11. Black Electrical Tape (to be used on electrical connections)
  12. Aluminum Foil Tape (to seal air conditioning leaks)
  13. Teflon Tape White and Yellow (white is for water plumbing and Yellow for LP gas connections)
  14. Hose Bib Washers for fresh water hook ups
  15. Cordless Drill/Screw Gun (12, 14 or 18 volt)
  16. Assortment of screw gun bits (square, phillips or torx tips) typically sold in a assorted case of tips
  17. Assortment of Automotive Type of fuses – assorted ratings – 5 amp, 10 amp, 15 amp, 20 amp and 25 amp
  18. Assortment of Electrical Connections (wire nuts, terminal lugs, rings and butt splice connectors)
  19. Assortment of Tie Wrap or Zip Ties
  20. Can of Silicone Spray Lubricate
  21. Old Credit Card or Hotel Key Card
  22. Caulking Gun for applying silicone and butyl type caulk
  23. Tool Box or Tool Bag
  24. as you progress you will add to your tool collection